Type of U.S. Visas

1, Work Visa:

Foreign workers must obtain permission to work in the US in the form of a valid work visa, employment based green card or employment authorization. The Immigration and Nationality Act includes a range of US work visas and green cards for foreign workers with an offer of employment in the US.

Foreign workers with a temporary offer to work in the US may be able to apply for a temporary non immigrant work visa, while those with a permanent offer to work in the US may be able to apply for a Green Card. Students and exchange visitors to the US may be permitted to work in the US if they possess a valid student visa or exchange visa.

2, Family Visa

The US Family visa category provides US citizens the opportunity to sponsor their fianc閟 or spouses to join them in the US on temporary non-immigrant visas.

Eligible children, siblings, parents and spouses of US citizens or permanent residents may be able to apply for a family based green card.

  • K1 for Fiancee
  • K3 for Spouses

3,  Business Visa

US Business visas are temporary non immigrant visas that permit successful business people to direct and manage their trade with and/or investment in the US.

  • E1 Visa for treaty traders
  • E2 Visa for treaty investors

4,  Student Visa

International students wishing to undertake study at any of the United States’ universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools or other academic institutions require a valid student visa. There are a range of Student visas that permit international students to study full-time at an accredited educational institution in the US

  • F1 Visa
  • M1 Visa
  • J1 Visa for University Students
  • J2 visa for for Secondary Students

5, Travel Visa

  • ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization
  • B2 Visa for Business Vistors
  • B2 Visa for Tourist

6,  Trainee Visa

  •  H3 Visa
  • J1 for interns / physicians / Trainees