About SSCA

Our Business Philosophy

SSCA delivers a brand of service based on integrity, informed by expertise and practiced with efficiency. Our team has expert knowledge of the U.S. real estate market as well as strong affiliations within the U.S. medical, legal and travel industries. Each client can rest assured to receive our total commitment in fulfilling expectations. Client satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our highly personalized services and our flexible and creative approach in dealing with our clients, result in high customer satisfaction. Being an International team of American and Chinese advisers, our group represents the perfect bridge between East And West. Our strategic business partnerships and affiliations in the U.S. allow us to provide concrete and efficient results to our clients in China.

Our business philosophy values integrity and expertise in providing our clients with the best service they come to expect from us. At SSCA, our team takes great pride in developing long term relationship with our loyal clients throughout China. Our company operates in full compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations giving our clients the necessary peace of mind in conducting international real estate business transactions.