EB-5 Immigrant Inquiries

The EB-5 Regional Center (RC) mailbox is a customer service tool to facilitate prompt responses to questions about the immigrant investor program.

  • Revise general contact information such as attorney, address, phone number
  • Inquire about the status of Form I-526 or Form I-829 petitions that are still pending beyond posted processing times
  • Inquire about a pending RC Proposal beyond posted processing time
  • Provide an updated G-28 for EB-5 petitions or RC proposals.  Note:  You must also provide an original Form G-28  through the mail as outlined in the Form G-28 filing instructions.
  • Request expedited processing of already filed:
    • Form I-526
    • Form I-829 petitions
    • RC Proposals
      (See expedite criteria under the “Forms” tab above.)
  • Bring to the attention of USCIS any EB-5 case decision or notice that appears to be in gross error.  USCIS does not consider sending an inquiry to the EB5 mailbox to be a response to a request for evidence. An email inquiry will not toll any time periods for filing an appeal of a decision or a motion to reopen or reconsider a decision.
  • Make a request for suggested filing instructions and procedures for Regional Center Proposals, procedures and general (non-case-specific) Regional Center program information
  • Advise of problems regarding receipt notices, such as instances where a petition receipt notice or Application Support Center (ASC) notice has not been received or the notice reflects incorrect information.
  • Advise of problems with EB-5 related biometric processing

See links to the right for Form G-28, Form I-526 and Form I-829 and the form instructions.  Find all forms at under the “Forms” tab above.